Saturday, October 18, 2014

Children's Book "Elee"

dancing elephant
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Hello Everyone!
It's my great pleasure to share with you this wonderful book that my cousin Caroline has written AND ILLUSTRATED! 

For those of you who have been in The Soap Factory in person, you'll know that I have a very gifted family when it comes to painting and drawing. Caroline's mother (my cousin Valerie) is also a talented painter. Some of her post cards are available in my store. 

So, Caroline comes by this talent honestly! The most wonderful part is that she quickly gives thanks to God Almighty for blessing her with this gift.

About Elee
Join a young elephant named Elee as she dances joyfully through the jungle causing the ground to shake and rocks to tremble. The animals think it's an earthquake until they see Elee. A brave mouse named Pip joins in her song and before you know it all the jungle joins along.

This book would be a wonderful gift for Christmas to any
Caroline Joy James
young person on your list!

Available in paperback and as an eBook download!