Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Is Off To A Great Start!

My new soap stamp arrived and we tried it out on a batch of Doggie Shampoo!  What do you think!!  I LOVE IT!

I'm moving through piles of paperwork as I do every year at this time.  Tax returns and year end reports; time to clean out the files in the office and make room for 2015.

But I wanted to pause and take a moment to share some new soaps with you.  I will be printing & cutting labels; wrapping these soaps intermittently over the next few weeks.  From left to right we have:  Cucumber Melon, Tuberose, Eucalyptus Mint, Apricot Freesia, Blueberries & Cream, Summer Sorbet, Coconut Lemongrass, Green Tea Cucumber & China Rain.

I haven't made Tuberose in quite some time, so I'm especially excited for its debut! 

Also out is a fresh batch of Milk & Honey Lotion with a new white pump and silver collar.  I've added a silver charm to the neck of the bottle that reads "Made With Love" as a reminder that each batch is lovingly prepared by hand in small batches just for you!

Hope you'll try one soon!  Happy January to you all!!  Thanks for taking time to look around.

Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 New Shipment Polish Pottery

Beautiful new shapes & patterns!

January Special 15% off all Polish Pottery

"Tea For One" Set

Parmesan Shaker

Square Bowl

Sugar Packet Holder

Butter Dish

Watering Can